Surveys indicate that more than 80% of all U.S. teachers believe that online learning improves education. While many consider access to technology at home to be a critical to the quality of a student's education, it is alarming that one-third of all students in America, mostly from low income households lack that access.

At Cox, we're working to change that with the Cox Connect2Compete program and the Cox Digital Academy, which provides LOW-COST INTERNET to qualified households in an effort to bridge the digital divide-and provide new opportunities for families and students.

Our success is only possible with the help of dedicated leaders in the communities we serve. If you're committed to making a difference in your home, school or neighborhood and would like to help bring low-cost internet to families in need, visit our resource page. There, you'll find additional information and a collection of materials that can be used to help spread the word.

For more information call 855-825-1466 or click the link to apply.

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